Aquaflosser- Flossing with Water

Aquaflosser- Flossing with Water

Don't just floss Aquafloss !

The Aquaflosser Oral Irrigator– your everyday flossing solution!

The new Aquapulse Aquaflosser is the easy and effective way to floss every day. The Aquaflosser’s hydro pulse water
jet blasts away plaque-causing food particles from between,in & around braces, bridges, implants and crowns ensuring
healthier, cleaner teeth and gums.

Pour water into the reservoir                                                             and add some of your favourite mouthwash if desired.

                                                                                                              Point your face towards thebasin and insert the jet tip into  your mouth.

                                                                                                                                                                                                      Press ‘on’ so the jet sprays from outside the teeth to the
inner cavity. Work your way
slowly around the entire gum
line and be amazed at how
thoroughly it cleans.


Choose the Aquaflosser for healthier, cleaner teeth!

  • Blasts away the plaque-causing food particles that lodge
    between your teeth, braces, implants, crowns and bridges.
  • Reaches where traditional floss and brushing can’t.
  • Dentists recommend flossing at least once a day, but
    are you one of the many people that skip this necessary
    daily hygiene?
  • Do you find string-flossing awkward and time consuming?
    Does string-floss cut painfully into your gums?
  • Regular use of pulsating dental jet similar to the Aquaflosser
    has been clinically proven to reverse the bleeding gum
    symptoms frequently associated with the early stages
    of gingivitis.
  • The Aquaflosser is fully rechargeable.
    Add most of your favourite mouth washes to the Aquaflosser’s
    reservoir for the fresher, just-rinsed feeling.
  • Aquaflosser is your convenient, everyday flossing solution.
    For cleaner, healthier teeth… don’t just floss… Aquafloss!

The secret to effective Aquaflossing!

Remember to keep your mouth closed when using

the Aquaflosser to achieve the best result.


“I always found flossing such a chore but since I’ve had my Aquaflosser I haven’t missed a day.” Yumna P. Western Cape

“My teeth are so tight that it was difficult to get floss in between them without cutting my gums.
I was given an Aquaflosser as a present and it has really helped me.It has taken the pain out of flossing”

Wayne D, Durbanville - Western Cape

“At nearly R20 000 each I need to take great care of my implants of which I have 3. There is just no comparison between using conventional cleaning methods and using the Aquaflosser. I can’t live a day without it. I only wish I had known about it before having these implants and maybe I could have prevented having to have them.” Pat C, Glencairn, Cape Town

“The Aquaflosser is great for cleaning around my braces. I am looking forward to the day I get them off and have nice straight great looking clean teeth. One of my friends never had an Aquaflosser and did not clean properly because it was so difficult her teeth were straight but she had enamel stains around where her brackets were.” Brittany J-Eastern Cape

“I have been using more expensive brands of dental jets for a few years now. I thought I would give the Aquaflosser a try as it was substantially cheaper and I must say I was really impressed. The Aquaflosser is just as powerful as the higher priced brands. I actually prefer it. I really like the fact that the water container is slightly larger, the battery life is longer and at last a unit that has a charging light.” Kim B Hout Bay, Western Cape